First blog post

This is my very first blog post at WordPress. I am intending this to be a daily or a near daily blog post of a couple hundred words each day of my thoughts and feelings for that day. It will not be edited from when I wrote it and it may have inconsistencies and speeling errors in it. I apologize to all the gramanazi’s out there that may be offended by my lack of caring about my spelling or lack thereof.

I am an amateur author and I am currently working on my fourth, maybe it’ll turn into my fifth trunk novel. What do I mean by a trunk novel? It is a novel that an author writes when he is first starting out. They are usually sub-par and are generally weak books. An author can have up to a couple dozen of these works before they start getting novels accepted.

Now what do I mean by my ambiguous trunk novel count? The first complete novel was very bad. It was 100k words of utter crap. I deleted it. Novel number two was my Dark Ages 2.0 book. My third is my Felix the Swift book, which may or may not turn into two books. My fourth is my Long Journey Home book.

Now you see why it is ambiguous?

Now granted that Felix the Swift and The Long Journey Home are only at the first draft complete stage, I am not sure that if they count completely. So I am not sure if that counts or not.

But then again, who is counting? Or is all of that me just trying to stoke my own ego? Do I even have an ego? I am not sure.

All of which will be a subject for a much later date.

N. A. Pedde

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