Third Post

So I am writing one more for the day. This one is about the distractions that we must navigate past. I only have written 600 words tonight due to having a cat and a lazer pointer. Endless entertainment. For me, I am not sure about the cat. I think that he was having a blast. Maybe…

My standard distractions that I must fight through.

Youtube. I find funny video’s and movie clips entertaining and distracting. I do, however, use youtube for the different types of music as I tend to write to music. I wrote Dark Ages to Johnny Cash music. I got my first draft of Long Journey¬†done to Mumford and Sons. Sometimes I get distracted on the way to the youtube music channels.

Kids. I have two kids and they can get distracting. Ballet, Piano. It can get pretty busy in the house.

Christmas. It is December. Need I say more?

Wifey. She needs time too. I understand.

Renos. Luckily I own my own home and I am currently in the middle of some renovations. Actually I bought a fixer upper and it is taking me a long time to finish them.

Day Job. 9 to 5 jobs suck. But necessary. Not going into any more of this.

Video games. I have 98 games in my steam account. I have a problem okay. I know I have a problem, but when steam has megasales, I just can’t help myself. Stop judging me!

Until next time.




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