As you probably tell, my blog site has some changes to it. It has a new home at You see, I am moving forward in my dream of setting up myself as an indie publisher. That means a professional webpage and a professional email address. It was surprisingly easy and inexpensive to set up. It is pretty close to where I want it right now. There is some more content that I want to get on it, but it’ll have to wait.

I do have words to write. The saying that the stories pretty much write themselves is only a saying after all.

I have officially changed my NaNo project this year. It is not one story. It is technically eight. Well, eight if I can pull it off. I plan on writing five 5k stories for my daughter’s story. The Chronicles of Evana Sweetland. It is a set of Early Chapter Books that I am writing for her. It is the same deal that I am doing with my son. Her story, her characters, her plot.

That should put me at the 25k mark. I then have three remaining stories of my son’s Space Courier books to write. I hope to get at least two of those done. each story will run between 22k to 25k. Two stories will put me at the approx. 70k mark. I hope to get the third done too.

As far as I can tell, I am on track to get the first of the books published by the new year.

Until next time.


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