Nate’s Ramblings

So today’s blog is brought to you by forgetfulness. You see, this is not the blog post that I had intended to write today. I had planned to write something completely different. I had even written it down… on a tiny piece of paper that I have misplaced.

I have heard tales of prominent authors, ones that have large deals with the big 5, who go into periods of dread and despair when they finish a book. They have no more ideas on a new novel. What to write? The well is dry.

I don’t have that problem. I get so many that I have to beat the ideas away with a large stick. A large one wrapped with nails and the broken tears of innocents. You see, as a creative, I get many ideas. I have blogged about it before. Many times. I have many, they come at me frequently and often.

When you get ideas, the best thing that you can do is to write them down. But tiny piece of scrap papers is not the way to go. You misplace it, and it is gone. Then when you finally get time to write the excellent note down, you can’t. Cause the idea is gone. Like the sands of time.

But what do you do? My solution is to use a bigger notebook. Have a couple. Label the notebooks for what you want to talk about. Like that story idea that you want to write, but you have other projects on the go. Give that idea a notebook. Just a small 80 page one. Put it where you can find it easily. Then put the notes and the brainwaves in there where you need it.

You see, I am not that organized of a person. I make significant efforts to be, but I am not. I am learning, however. I find that spending the extra time being organized first, as you do the work saves a lot of time from doing it later.

I hope that you have enjoyed this rambling blogs and I find that note for what I want to talk about. I am thinking a series of blogs about the same topic.

Until next time.


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