Well that was fun…

Well. November is almost done. It is currently November 29th, 2017. And I have failed at my goal.

My goal, if you remember, was to write 100k words. I am currently at 60K words. I have completed the first draft of my daughter’s story, “The adventures of Evana Sweetland.” I have also completed the first draft of the second, and third books of my son’s story, “Space Courier.”

There have been some casualties though. I wanted to write books four and five of my son’s story. I managed to split book four and move it into the books three and five. Then book five became book four. I think that I already wrote about that. It is not new.

I didn’t however, get through book four. I made a wrong turn at some point. It happens. Luckily, I have so much to do, that I can put it aside and work on something else.

That is why I have thrown in the towel, short on words. And it is okay. I did get three out of four titles completed. That is a good thing.

Well, Okay. I am not a failure. That was my attempt at a bad joke.

The goal for November was to write 50k words in thirty days. I wrote 60k words. That is a win in most books. So I guess that I will count that it was a win in mine. I just wish that I had managed to get that last title done.

But that is all good. I still have a lot of work that I need to get published. And I am proceeding with that. I still have my self-imposed deadline of Jan 2018 for the first title. And that depends on many things on what story I throw into the fire first.

Next week, I will start a series of blog posts on a topic. I don’t think that it will be about writing. Maybe it will be about my kids. Or living in Nanaimo over the cold of Prince George. Maybe I’ll start posting chapters of my book. I am not sure.

Until next time.

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