The Past and the Future: 2017 eddition

December is upon us. December is traditionally used as a time of reflection and planning.

People reflect on the past year. What did they do? What they didn’t do?

Me? I sold my house, moved across the province to a warmer climate. I have made progress on my blog. I have made a URL, a professional email account and started my brand. All important things for an indie-author to do.

I have also been active writing, but nothing has been published at the moment. I haven’t gotten as much stuff written yet, but that is not for a lack of trying. I just had too much on my plate. I am done writing books 1 to 3 of the ‘Space Courier’ novel, as well as the first ‘Evana’ book. Information about those is on my current projects page.

While not important in the short term, I have also made and ordered business cards. It is hard when you talk to people and forget what your email address is.

But what about next year. I have high hopes for 2018. I have a plan. I have secured a really good cover designer and artist. Her work can be found here. with her website, here.

Yes, she is my wife, but she is very good at what she does.

I also have a schedule of work. I have projects planned to drop all year. I am not going to release that schedule as it may change.

Have I failed at things this year? Yes. But I feel that the important thing to do is to reflect on what you have accomplished. Ignore the failures, and look at the positive. I could feel down that another Christmas has gone by and I am still unpublished. I could moan that I didn’t make my unrealistic NaNo goal. But I am not.

I will be working on the positives, which are that I have five manuscripts first drafted or better. They need edits and covers. I have a sixth that needs a revision to fix plot errors. That is many work that can be published.

So this is chow. I may or may not have time to post another time before the next year. If I don’t it is cause I am busy.

I wish you all the best. Until next time.

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