Dealing with Procrastination

I hate that word. I hate it when I fall victim to that word.

So I have been too busy to post much. Phantom Sorcerer was launched I have been writing like mad in an attempt to keep the stories coming. On the weekend, my time to get a massive amount done, I did little.

And today I did little.

And now I feel bad about myself.

But it happens. It is a fact of being a creative that I have to deal with. Putting things off seems like a great idea at the time.

What is one Youtube video, or an hour of a video game?

Simple. It is like eating a single chip out of a bag. I can’t just eat one. It turns into the bag. With Youtube, I can’t just watch one video. It turns into many. And an hour is never just an hour. There is always one more turn.

Then afterward, I am kicking myself. Or at least I am.

But how do I deal with it?

My solution, don’t fight it that day that I had just wasted. If I procrastinated and lost that day, I don’t worry about that day. I pick it up the next and keep going.

That is all that I can do. The day is gone. It can’t come back. There is no point working into the night to try and salvage the day. No point if throwing good time in with the bad. Better to fortify my time for the future and hit it again once I regroup.

Me. I am going to bed. Early. I will not sleep in tomorrow. I will get my writing done.

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