Dealing with Hours of Inactivity

Like most creatives, I spend hours sitting at the keyboard. The muscle that works the most for me is my brain and my fingers; the rest of me has gotten a tad flabby.

In my twenties, this wasn’t much of a problem. My weight sat around 220 lbs. I wasn’t (for the lack of a better term) fat per se. However, I wasn’t muscular either. I considered myself fit. Today, I am approaching 34 years old, and my body has changed.

It is a natural thing that happens to most men. When they hit thirty, their metabolism slows down, and it becomes harder to keep the weight off. In their twenties, a man can eat like a horse and not have too many problems. In their thirties, that gluttony turns against them.

I now weigh 286 lbs, and the health effects are becoming apparent. I won’t go into details, but least to say access weight is not a healthy thing. I know from experience.

As a Creative, How is this a Bad Thing?

It is simple really. Being overweight in general is a bad thing. No matter what some people say to the contrary. I trust my doctor in that regard. When he tells me that I have gotten “a tad flabby around the middle,” (he is British) and that fact is responsible for some of my ill health, I believe him.

I intend to write my novels until I am 90 and too old. I understand this. If I am to make it there, I need to look after my health. Which means that I have to listen to my Doctor and put the extra three helpings down. And stop eating fast food, candy, and cola.

To do this, I have forced myself on a diet. It’s a simple diet, which I call the Stop-Bloody-Eating-all-of-the-Sugar-Filled-Food Diet. It is excellent to go with the Stop-Eating-Seconds-and-Thirds-as-you-are-not-a-Hobbit Diet.

All jest aside, I’m a glutton. I enjoy eating food, and I enjoy cooking it. I have been joking with my wife that I should stop cooking good tasting food. Maybe then I will stop eating so much.

In the spirit of transparency, in my monthly reports, I will put in a paragraph about the status of my weight. It will give me someone to be accountable to.

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