Figuring out your Dreams

This blog post isn’t about those that have a dream. It is for those people spinning their wheels, hoping one day they will do something great. This is also a follow up on last weeks post about feeling like you aren’t able to accomplish anything, yet you are working very hard at doing so.

The last point that I made that they aren’t thinking about their future. There thinking doesn’t go beyond next paycheque. People spend there time thinking about the ‘now,’ and not how to turn the ‘now’ into a better ‘tomorrow.’

Dreams are meant to inspire and push a person to become better in some way. It may be wanting a better career, or to own property, or to get those six-pack abs. But for those people without one, it almost feels like being in purgatory grasping at straws hoping to find a way out. Or digging a hole, wondering how to get out of it with the only solution being to keep digging.

How to get a Dream?

This is the million-dollar question. It’s also a fundamental question that no one really thinks about it. Either you have a dream, or you don’t. Those who have goals don’t understand how someone doesn’t have a dream. Those who don’t have no idea how to get it.

I find that most people have some sort of dream. Something deep within themselves they want to do. It is usually something hidden and secret. The fear is that the goal is a fragile thing that will shatter if there is any sort of attention placed on it. It is, therefore, best to keep it secret and hidden.

However, a hidden dream cannot grow a tough outer shell unless it has the attention to do so. There are haters in the world; people that either want to see the world burn or are jealous of what you want. In some cases, it is cause they look down upon you and don’t think that you are going to succeed. These people usually have no problem telling you what they think.

By being open with the dream, it gives you the chance to defend that dream and realize how much you want it. Cause if a hater can talk you out of it, then how was it what you wanted in the first place. It will also show any holes in the plan. These holes need to be plugged before they fester and rot the idea from the inside out.

For those who don’t have a dream, even one deep down inside; they have never thought about it, perhaps it is time to find one. You will find that once you have decided upon a dream or a goal, the necessary discipline, and motivation to push the ball forward is easier to muster. It is easier to make sacrifices if there is a carrot at the end of it all.

This is a hard process.

The first thing you need to do, whether you have a secret goal or no goal. It is to forget about the reasons why it can’t happen. Unless your goal is a truly impossible feat like living on Mars, then ignore the reasons why you can’t do it. I’ve seen many people with severe handicaps accomplish their dreams. They do wonderful things despite many reasons why not.

There is a paralyzed sailer wanting to circumnavigate the globe. Or wounded soldiers with an outlook on life that amazes me. These two are just a small example of people accomplishing things even though they have lots of reasons not to.

With the excuses out of the way and forgotten, the next step is to look deep into yourself. Not what your family wants. Or what your mother, father, brother, sister, wife, or kids want. They are unimportant at this point. They may or may not be valuable in the future, but that’s another question. The important part is to figure out what you want without excuse on why you can’t. An unsupportive family is the most significant excuse for people.

Once you have that dream in your head, it is the time to do research. This step will never end as if it is something that you genuinely want, you may become obsessed with it. This part is also essential as the do-gooders in your life will try and chop you down. You will need to have informational support to keep you upright.

Also, it is essential to develop a plan of action on how you could achieve the goal. (But that is a subject for another post). This point it’s also time to see if it is at any way possible to accomplish. It might mean going back and rethinking things in a more realistic light or figuring out a smaller dream that does the same job. Having a desire to own a real estate empire may be out of your reach, however, owning a rental house to start is an excellent first step.

This is the point where those who already had a dream and who had been hunting for one converge. It’s time to tell someone about the goal. You’ll find those critical people in your life are going to be supportive of you. Some may not, and that’s a loss for them. If you are worried some people aren’t going to be supportive, then it may be a time not to tell the nay-sayers.

Out of all those mental steps, the critical point is to dream big without any inhibitions. Once you get to the research phase, then it will be time to see how you can accomplish the goal.

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