Contact This!: A First Contact Anthology Vol 1

So a while ago, I got wind of this anthology, and I thought it was an exciting idea. So I wrote a short story. The story I submitted was called “From Planet Everdark.”

Three years into a decade-long exploration mission into the far reaches of the precursor-gate network. Skipper Quigley Viveiros biggest problem was keeping his crew from bullying the scientists on board and keeping the scientists from blowing up his ship, the JSS Leda, out of boredom. Or at least that was his problem before he arrived at a rouge planet whose moon had an atmosphere, liquid water, and life.

The Fiend was a small creature whose very existence dwelled on eating and not being eaten herself. Up until she saw a new prey to feast on; a Metal-Beast who traveled on fire from the sky. Perhaps she will be able to feast on something to sate the incredible hunger that dwells inside of her.

So if this is something that seems interesting to you. Or you are new to science fiction as a genre, take a look. Contact This! Has eighteen of the best science fiction authors from Paul E Cooley, J Daniel Sawyer, and Rick Partlow. You will not be disappointed.

They came in peace…

…or so they said. Here are 18 examples of how they lied. This is an exciting collection of First Contact science fiction stories, all completely different! Take a risk – venture into the unknown with us. Who is out there? What will they want from us? Come join us in our adventure to find out how 1st Contact pans out. It will be a great adventure!


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