Video Games and Distractions and Time off.

As a creative and an author who has written for 349 days in a row, the hardest thing to do each day is to put the distractions aside and get started.

As long as I have some type of plan of what I need to write that day, starting those first few words is the hardest thing to do each day.

My biggest distraction is the pile of video games I have in my Steam account. Some creatives can play video games and have the unique ability to be able to turn them off.

I am not that type of creative. Once I turn on a game, there is always one more level, one more turn or one more thing to do. The next thing I know, it is hours later, and I have yet to get a word.

Other distractions for me are Youtube and school work. The latter being something unavoidable, while the former being something I use for noise. Usually music.

Why am I talking about this?

Cause it is vital to recognize what is causing the distractions and losing one’s focus. Know the problem is the first step from solving it.

But solving the distractions is not a topic for this post.

What is the topic is that sometimes distractions are essential for mental health. Having written for almost a full year in a row and suffering through one burn out, it is crucial to recognize the signs when a break is required.

As stated in my previous blogs, my breaks are writing the minimum daily requirement. This keeps my daily writing goal going, allows me to make my word count goals.

It also allows me to keep sane. If you can call this sanity.

The task of recognizing the days to take the break and the days to put on one’s boots. Finding the balance is hard and takes self-reflection. Knowing yourself is essential in getting things done.

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