My weight loss so far.

In January, I made my yearly goal post. In it, I made a bonus post about my weight. Half a year before that, I had decided to add a goal about my weight onto my 2019 goals. I used calorie counting, and after about a month or so, it got exhausting, and I stopped.

21. (Bonus) Get back in shape physically by losing 20 lbs.

One issue I have been fighting with is my weight. I’m out of shape and to be blunt. I’m fat. I need to fix that. So my goal for 2020 is to lose 20 lbs and to keep it off. My current weight is 277lbs. This time last year it was 287lbs. That means I lost 10 lbs last year. It’s okay, but I need to do better.

My weight fluctuated as I paid attention to it before giving up on watching it altogether. On Feb 15th, I weighed myself, and I was back up to 285lbs. Back to square one. Amid my semester with five courses, there was very little I could do to get more exercise.

The amount of misinformation on the interwebs is immense. I had no idea where to turn and how to get in shape. With the COVID stuff ramping up and the stress of homeschool kids, finishing my semester and working on my novels, I didn’t pay any attention to my weight.

A week ago, I weighed myself, and I was at 267lbs. I had somehow managed too loose weight. I did this by accident because during the day I would forget to eat. Some days it would be after 2pm for I had my first meal. I would be busy and forget to eat anything.

After a week of trial and error, I weighed myself this morning, and I am now at 261lbs. From Jan 1st, 2020, to now, I have lost 16lbs. More if you include the added weight I had gained back.

I had learned this is intermittent fasting. Where a person restricts the intake of calories for an extended period of the day, then eating a meal(s) afterward while still trying to keep the amount of food to a healthy quality and quantity.

This is the best result I had in a long time, and the way I got it is simple. I am not putting pie in my pie hole. I don’t eat sugar. I don’t eat candy. I stay away from that. I also try to watch my servings sizes. I still go back for four servings of spaghetti, but they are small servings.

While others have worried about gaining weight during this pandemic, I am losing weight, and I hope to keep going forward in the future.

This journey is not something I can do alone. It takes support from many people for it to become a reality. The easiest way is to visit my Amazon Author Page and purchase one of my books. They are available in all countries and for free on Kindle Unlimited. I do have a tip jar set up at Ko-Fe, where you can buy me a coffee. Or you can also visit me on Facebook. Your help and support are much appreciated.

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