COVID and the Haircut.

With the economy shut down, many businesses are closed. This post is not about politics or whether or not it was wrong to lock down or to stay locked down. This post is about hair.

All around the interwebs, there are memes about the COVID hair cut. Where someone tries to cut their own hair or the hair of a loved one. This ends up in hilarious horribleness.

For me, this is not the case. My wife has cut my hair for the last five years. The one change for me is that I have stopped shaving. A razor hasn’t touched my face in over sixty days.

But before that, I had stopped shaving. Not because I was lazy (like now), but because I was at 289lbs. I was fatter than I was now, and I have discovered, to my horror, that I had another chin. So I grew my beard out to hide that.

Now, I am weighing 258lbs, and my additional facial flab may be gone. I am not 100% sure as my beard covers my face. It could be gone, but I have no intention of finding out.

What do you think about my facial hair?


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