My Weight. Update.

As you might have read in my monthly update blog post for July, my weight loss has stopped. My attempt to lose weight by intermittent fasting has stopped. This was inevitable and expected. It is sad for me to have to make another change, but if I want to lose my fat, I will have to do something.

My wife has been on the Keto died for the last three weeks. In that time she has lost 15 lbs and her energy has increased tenfold. For me, this is the big reason I want a change.

In order for me to get all my tasks for the day, I consume too many energy drinks. This is a problem. It has hurt my sleep habits. I end up staying awake until 3 to 4 am and then getting up at 10am. If I can get my wife’s energy, then I can correct my sleep habits.

I am on day three of my Keto diet. I am tired all the time as I am not used to not eating carbs. Carbs are my friend and not my friend.

I don’t understand most things about the Keto diet — my wife has done more research than I have. From my limited understanding, the Keto diet is when the body switches from burning carbs for energy to burning fat. This involves eating an insanely small amount of carbs. A slice of bread soars by the limit and there are carbs in everything. At least it seems like it.

So far, I have yet to lose any weight, and my energy has yet to raise, but I am hopeful. I will update next week with an update.

Here I am hoping for good news.

This journey is not something I can do alone. It takes support from many people for it to become a reality. The easiest way is to visit my Amazon Author Page and purchase one of my books. They are available in all countries and for free in Kindle Unlimited. I have a tip jar set up at Ko-Fe, where you can buy me a coffee. Or you can also visit me on Facebook. Your help and support are much appreciated.

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