Beyond Terra Continuum

Five hundred years in the future, the world is a much different place than now. I answer futurist questions in my books. My books of Beyond Terra are in multiple series about many different people from different backgrounds.

The human race has spread out and done amazing things. They terraform Mars, Venus and the Galilean Moons. People have evolved and changed, adapting to living in new environments.

The universe answers simple questions.

Is Mars colonized? Terraformed?

Do the nations on Earth still exist? What does like look like in the colonies?

Is the Solar System Earth-centric? Or is there a possibility that there is another nation-state in play?

But I also answer questions about the people living in these places. What is life like in the colonies? What is it like on Mars? What does it mean to be a human when your family hasn’t been on Earth for three hundred years.

Agent O’Neal Saga

The orbital colony station, Jov 1-H, fighting for independence and freedom from Earth, is home to thousands of people. Sixteen-year-old Des O’Neal is thrust into a world he desired not to be in – spies, plots and trickery abound when a saboteur attempts to destroy the station.