Sneak Peek: Enlisted. Agent O’Neal Book 1.

Here is a sneak peek post. Normally I would post this when the book came out, but here is a sneak peek of the cover of Enlisted. Book One of the Agent O’Neal Saga.


I have a trilogy near completion and that is all I can share of book one so far. There will be more as soon as I can share it.

Here is a sneak peek on what Enlisted is about.

War reaches every corner – even the far reaches of Jupiter.

The orbital colony station, Jov 1-H, fighting for independence and freedom from Earth, is home to thousands of people. Sixteen-year-old Des O’Neal is thrust into a world he desired not to be in – spies, plots and trickery abound when a saboteur attempts to destroy the station.

I hope this was enough to get you excited. This year and a half journey of being an independent author is starting to bear fruit.

This journey is not something I can do alone. It takes support from many people for it to become a reality. The easiest way is to visit my Amazon Author Page and purchase one of my books. They are available in all countries and for free on Kindle Unlimited. I do have a tip jar set up at Ko-Fe, where you can buy me a coffee. Or you can also visit me on Facebook. Your help and support are much appreciated.

Finding old Work

Today was a cleaning day. I have been going through boxes, and I dug up my old writing. After my first stint in college — I went to Film School — I started writing in coil bound notebooks. I have dozens of them scattered everywhere. I have started dozens of ideas off different stories from zombies, to dragons, to science fiction about lost colonies and aliens.

I feel like an old archeologist hunting through old tomes. The faded yellow pages and faded ink speak to me from the past. I found myself looking at a story I had written, and I had no idea when I had written in, and I had to read three pages to see which one it was.

I discovered it was one about a boy who finds a dragon while living on an island. Where I got the idea from, I could only guess. It was a dive into the past.

I also found old versions of some of my other novels. Like one for my book Seismic Shock, when it had the working title of Culture Shock. I was amazed at how I changed the story as I wrote it.

One of the books I have been hunting for is the old notebooks that I had written my world in. I had two, and I only found the one. I am not sure what happened to the first one. I am missing a few nations, which is odd cause it is only three of the thirteen.

It isn’t a horrible thing as I can remember most of the country in my head. I have forgotten some of the details, but I can think up better ones. One of the notebooks I did, I dated the ideas or brain waves.

It is an interesting dive into the mind of a twenty-something who was creating a fantasy world, just like David Eddings.

I have to get back to it, I’d rather find that notebook and see what I had written down all those years ago. I’m curious about how the story has changed.

This journey is not something I can do alone. It takes support from many people for it to become a reality. The easiest way is to visit my Amazon Author Page and purchase one of my books. They are available in all countries and for free on Kindle Unlimited. I do have a tip jar set up at Ko-Fe, where you can buy me a coffee. Or you can also visit me on Facebook. Your help and support are much appreciated.

Respawned Glory: A story of Call of War Online

The game: Call of War Online. Tournament: World Championships. The match: the finals. The Prize: 100k cash.

In a war-torn city map of collapsed buildings, crumbling into piles of concrete, rebar, and pipes. Teams of snipers were out to kill. But only if Quint couldn’t kill them first. With the last team left standing to win it all.

Quint and his partner Corie are in the top ten. With two respawns, they must find a way to defeat the other teams. He wants the prize and will let nothing stand in his way to win it

If you like a short, gamelit, science fiction stories with realistic combat and game systems, then you will enjoy the action-packed, race against time novel written by Nathan Pedde

Grab a copy of “Respawned Glory” today and get in on the action.

Storming Area 51: A Bayonet Books Anthology Vol 2

A few short months ago when the Facebook group (with the same name as the title of the anthology) was created, this took the internet by storm and won it. In fact, it is still winning the internet. JR Handley collected tales of the joke that became a meme that became a thing that might be a real thing. 

The story that I wrote is called “The Rise of the Ghids.” It is the story of the Storming of Area 51 from the aliens perspective.

Imprisoned his whole life, Challco knew nothing about the outside world. His world
consisted of his underground home; except it wasn’t really his home. Born underground, his people were from a distant land; several thousand light-years distant. Challco wasn’t human, he was a Ghid — an alien.

With the event of Storm Area 51 exploding on the surface above him, perhaps this was
the distraction that he needed — his one and only chance to get freedom for himself and his people? Perhaps it was the time for Challco to show his human captors the Ghids did exist? But do the humans come in peace?

With 35 different stories from Michael J Allen and Marisa Wolf this is not a book to miss. Some of the best science-fiction the science-fiction has to offer. Click the link below.



Contact This!: A First Contact Anthology Vol 1

So a while ago, I got wind of this anthology, and I thought it was an exciting idea. So I wrote a short story. The story I submitted was called “From Planet Everdark.”

Three years into a decade-long exploration mission into the far reaches of the precursor-gate network. Skipper Quigley Viveiros biggest problem was keeping his crew from bullying the scientists on board and keeping the scientists from blowing up his ship, the JSS Leda, out of boredom. Or at least that was his problem before he arrived at a rouge planet whose moon had an atmosphere, liquid water, and life.

The Fiend was a small creature whose very existence dwelled on eating and not being eaten herself. Up until she saw a new prey to feast on; a Metal-Beast who traveled on fire from the sky. Perhaps she will be able to feast on something to sate the incredible hunger that dwells inside of her.

So if this is something that seems interesting to you. Or you are new to science fiction as a genre, take a look. Contact This! Has eighteen of the best science fiction authors from Paul E Cooley, J Daniel Sawyer, and Rick Partlow. You will not be disappointed.

They came in peace…

…or so they said. Here are 18 examples of how they lied. This is an exciting collection of First Contact science fiction stories, all completely different! Take a risk – venture into the unknown with us. Who is out there? What will they want from us? Come join us in our adventure to find out how 1st Contact pans out. It will be a great adventure!


The O’Neal Saboteur: The O’Neal Trilogy Book 1

I have done it. My latest book has been published.

On a Colony orbiting Jupiter, a saboteur is bent on destruction. One young man might be the only person able to save them all. 

Sixteen-year-old Des O’Neal lives with his uncle and older brother in the Colonial Station Jovian 1-H. The threat of constant attacks and the destruction of his home becomes a daily occurrence. Threats he must endure and overcome.

Des finds himself ejected from his normal life and thrust into a world filled with spies and turmoil. In order to save himself and those closest to him, he must excel in a new world of espionage. He must overcome an unknown enemy lurking in the shadows, intent on sabotage and destruction. An enemy that may know who he and who his friends are.

In times of war, it is often the youth that must step up and fill adult roles. Will Des defeat the traitorous saboteur? Or will the station fall victim to his vicious plot?

If you like science fiction stories about espionage, overcoming obstacles, and mysteries. Then you will enjoy the action-packed, race against time novel written by Nathan Pedde.

Grab a copy of “The O’Neal Saboteur” today and get in on the action.

Update July 3, 2018

So I know that I haven’t been posting in a while. I am sorry for that. I published my first book, then my posting fell off. So far this year, I have written 200k words. I have two full novels published and two smaller kids books that I did with my kids.

Plus being a dad has taken up much of my time. My son is in piano, and my daughter is a ballerina.

I know. I am creating excuses for why I haven’t been posting. The suns in my eyes… the curling game is on…

No more lame excuses.

I will be moving to post once a week for now, and maybe posting more later.

In other news, my day job was going fine. Until they laid me off. It sucks, but I have written 25k words in the last 2 weeks, and I have published one book. I have another in the editing process and a short story in editing as well. I am not letting the depressiveness get to me. I am getting things done.

I also have an outstanding cover artist. His work is fantastic and has upped the game to my novels. His cover is the image for this post.

His site can be found here: Josh Thornbrugh

So now that you know that I am unemployed and working on my novels full-time cause that is the cards that have been dealt, what’s my future?

Well, the plan is to go back to school. Learn more about the writing and publishing process. It is a scary prospect, but I will make a go of it.

I will close off here, but if you all want to support my family and me, the easiest way will be to buy a book or three. Right not they are only available on Amazon and as e-books. They will be released sometime in the near future.

The full list of my published book can be found here.

My published work. 

Until next time.

Stay Shiny.


Phantom Sorcerer

Phantom Sorcerer is ready on Amazon. It has been a long time coming, but it is finally for sale. If it seems interesting, please feel free to take a look. Give it a read.

Felix the Swift, an alias, lived in the land of Agersolum, in the Empire of Aurre. Felix was a thief and a good one at that. He was arguably the best thief in the city. A pimple on the Duke’s rear end.

When his last job, quite possibly his grandest, goes bad it costs his apprentice’s life and the freedom of everyone he has ever loved. His entire family and he are sold into slavery to pay for his crimes.

Felix gets dragged across the globe and thrown into a world of magic, and Gods. He must face High-Princes, assassins, traitorous brothers, Gods, and the scorching heat of the desert. Felix must overcome the obstacles that have been laid against him to become truly free.

Felix must find a way back to his homeland and a way to free his family. Or he fails and the hostile environment will overtake him as it has to so many others.