Filler Episode

This blog post is the filler episode that happens in an anime when the poor writer is exhausted and on the verge of breakdown.


You’re probably curious who I am, and why I’m here “narrating”.

My name is Grace Pedde, beloved Waifu of the regular writer here–Nathan Pedde…aka my hubby.


My husband is currently wrestling his brain into submission to write several essays–the end of the semester is coming y ‘all. I also must contend with the end of semester thing–but I am a visual art major and make the arty things. I have final assignments…but most don’t cause the same kind of stress as essays.


I am in my third year of my degree–I expect chaos to arrive next year…grad projects and such. For now I support my husband as much as I can–he believes in me and my goals, reciprocating only makes sense.


You have probably seen some of my handy work without even realizing it. I proofread his writing when I can, and occasionally make covers for his books. I would do more, but most of the time I am working on projects for school. I post those on my Instagram when I remember, and I upload my art for sale on various merch on Redbubble.