Welcome to the Graveyard, it’s not fun and games.
We got everything you want honey, just let me know your name
I will kill you any way I want, whatever the story may need
If you got the money honey, I’ve got your disease

Welcome to the Graveyard…

In all seriousness, the topic that I get a majority of time is people that want me to include them into one of my books. This is a way to accommodate that.

For a limited time, I will be willing to include people in my story as a Red Shirt. Cannon fodder. I will put your name into a story with the sole purpose of killing him/her off. Suggestions on how will be listened to, but the needs of the story come first.

I will select the poor sap with the needs of the story first. Depending on your name, it might take a few stories to get to.

If you wish to be included in the graveyard, please fill in the following form at the bottom of the page and ask to be included. I will make every effort to let you know when and which novel that you will appear in.


The following people have asked to become a victim… I mean a character.

  • Bren MacDonald
  • Christopher “Teefer” Winder
  • Drue Bernardi
  • Christopher Michael
  • Donna Mixon
  • Ann Montague
  • J.R. Handley (Culture Shock: Book 1)
  • Jeff Bracket
  • Norm Dobbs
  • Christie Brillinger
  • Tony Firth
  • Ron Steere


Please note that this is only for my adult books and they will not be included in my Middle-Grade fiction as very little if any characters die in those books. Please don’t ask.

Final Disclaimer: This is all in good fun, If you are suffering from depression or any other mental condition, please get help.  Canadian Suicide Prevention