Seismic Shock: Tokyo Tempest Trilogy Book 1

A stranger in a strange land. Different nations, different customs. What happens when disaster strikes?

 Darren Cunningham lives in Tokyo Japan with his workaholic father. His younger brother arrives at the airport for a short vacation and has no plans to listen to his older brother. Thousands of miles away, the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupts in its largest event ever recorded. The effects of which quickly set off a string of geological events that will be felt globally.

Darren must fight against criminals, corrupt soldiers, and desperate people who all have similar goals. Survive in a land where there is no food, no clean water and those that are supposed to protect you, don’t. On top of it, his brother and father are missing. Can he find them before his chances of survival turn to zero?

When the situation is dire, and the circumstances are short. When is it too far to guarantee your survival? If you like disaster and post-apocalyptic stories, then you will enjoy this action-packed adventure through the ruins of Tokyo.

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