Change and being Creative

In the last two weeks, the world has changed. It has changed, and I fear it won’t go back to the way it was. No one wanted this specific change. No one wanted to be locked in their homes for months, yet here we are. Once this is all done and a memory. People’s mentalities will have changed as the disease has affected either loved ones or their friends.

I’m not going into detail about Covid-19. There are a dozen different people to read and watch who are smarter than I am.

For me, my focus is my writing and my creative pursuits. Before, I spent my time writing, and I do the same thing now. I write things and hope one day I get projects completed.

As a creative, it is crucial to keep working and keep being creative. I have seen other creatives bend under the weight of this change. They aren’t writing, drawing, etc. They spend their time binge-watching whatever Netflix has going on. Maybe they need to do that.

But is it the best thing to do as a creative? Life is full of change. It comes and goes. Many times it is unwanted, yet it will happen anyway.

Change is the only constant thing in life. There is no point going against it. There is only letting it flow around. To move with the water, not against it.

For this COVID bullshit, it is looking at the silver lining. I’m not starving, and I am not being evicted. I have the time to be able to do what I need to get done. I have time to write. I will make use of this time and do just that. There is no point in letting change ruin my life.

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