First Week of NaNo.

As you may be aware, I’m attempting this year’s NaNo. But in my household, I’m not alone.

There is a youth program for NaNo. Where kids can pick there own goals to write their own novels. It teaches them the ability to work on a longer project. Its something many adults have an issue with as writing a book isn’t a sprint, it’s an endurance race.

My daughter, age seven, is going to write a 1000-word story about her favourite pokemon. My son, age nine, is witing a 5000-word science fiction short story about Zero-G dodgeball.

This is impressive for age. I’m proud they have started this project, and it didn’t take any coaching from myself. My son wanted to write a 50k word novel. I told him to begin with 5k this year and then increase it for the next. He is nine, after all.

For me, I’m not attempting the 100k. That goal evaporated. I’m trying to do 75k. This would be a 1.5 NaNo and double what I usually do each month. So far, I have managed to make my 2500 daily word goal.

Wish me luck? The month has only started.

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Writing, Word Counts and Children

I have two kids, aged nine and seven. The older of the two is Donnie, and the youngest is Audrey. The pair of them are mischievous and tend to get into things. They are kids.

My son is interested in anything and everything. Especially when it comes to three things. Learning, being active, and telling stories. He enjoys reading, asking as many questions as he can, and learning everything. I have a policy of “if he asks the question, I will answer it.”

Audrey’s work rotates around one thing; dancing. She loves to dance, and she does ballet. She also loves animals, reading books about dragons and swimming in the ocean. She has also taken to asking different questions.

With it being summer, they both want to do things. Going to the park, going to the beach, going out to the mall. Or spending all day on their tablets, watching Netflix or on their Gameboy. Trying to be a good parent, it is hard to balance time outside, time reading, and screen time.

Being an author, I have a goal of writing half a million words by the end of 2019 and writing for 365 days in a row — I haven’t missed a day yet — it’s hard to keep the balance between being a good dad and writing my words.

There are a couple things that I  do to help keep that balance. The one thing is that I’ve informed my kids that writing my words is my job. I have to do this. I have also talked to them about making goals and the importance of them. They have set their own goals. My son will go out of his way to encourage me to write. I have written a set of posts about making and keeping goals. You can read that post here.

I also keep my goals at the forefront of my mind. It is easy to get discouraged and lose track of the goal. It is easy to say, “You have worked hard. It’s fine to take a day off.” This mentality is problematic. Cause if you break it one day, then it happens the next, and then three weeks later, you realize that you haven’t done your goal in that time.

For me, getting time to work on that goal, my writing, is a daily struggle. I have to set the time out in able to do it. I’ve talked to many people that have similar goals that work day jobs, or have other distracting things to deal with each day. However, it is still important to fight for that time. If you work a labor-intensive job and at the end of the day you are tired, then perhaps writing when you get home from work is a bad idea. Maybe getting up an hour earlier will be better for you.

The important thing to realize is, your goal is important. If you followed my steps I posted in Jan 2019, then you will have split the ultimate goal into smaller daily steps. Those daily steps need to be done. Mine is writing every day. If your goal is to lose weight, then perhaps exercising every day is important.

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Filler Episode

This blog post is the filler episode that happens in an anime when the poor writer is exhausted and on the verge of breakdown.


You’re probably curious who I am, and why I’m here “narrating”.

My name is Grace Pedde, beloved Waifu of the regular writer here–Nathan Pedde…aka my hubby.


My husband is currently wrestling his brain into submission to write several essays–the end of the semester is coming y ‘all. I also must contend with the end of semester thing–but I am a visual art major and make the arty things. I have final assignments…but most don’t cause the same kind of stress as essays.


I am in my third year of my degree–I expect chaos to arrive next year…grad projects and such. For now I support my husband as much as I can–he believes in me and my goals, reciprocating only makes sense.


You have probably seen some of my handy work without even realizing it. I proofread his writing when I can, and occasionally make covers for his books. I would do more, but most of the time I am working on projects for school. I post those on my Instagram when I remember, and I upload my art for sale on various merch on Redbubble.

Update July 3, 2018

So I know that I haven’t been posting in a while. I am sorry for that. I published my first book, then my posting fell off. So far this year, I have written 200k words. I have two full novels published and two smaller kids books that I did with my kids.

Plus being a dad has taken up much of my time. My son is in piano, and my daughter is a ballerina.

I know. I am creating excuses for why I haven’t been posting. The suns in my eyes… the curling game is on…

No more lame excuses.

I will be moving to post once a week for now, and maybe posting more later.

In other news, my day job was going fine. Until they laid me off. It sucks, but I have written 25k words in the last 2 weeks, and I have published one book. I have another in the editing process and a short story in editing as well. I am not letting the depressiveness get to me. I am getting things done.

I also have an outstanding cover artist. His work is fantastic and has upped the game to my novels. His cover is the image for this post.

His site can be found here: Josh Thornbrugh

So now that you know that I am unemployed and working on my novels full-time cause that is the cards that have been dealt, what’s my future?

Well, the plan is to go back to school. Learn more about the writing and publishing process. It is a scary prospect, but I will make a go of it.

I will close off here, but if you all want to support my family and me, the easiest way will be to buy a book or three. Right not they are only available on Amazon and as e-books. They will be released sometime in the near future.

The full list of my published book can be found here.

My published work. 

Until next time.

Stay Shiny.


Title changes

Just a short note today.

The Space Courier is no more. So in the light that I have made no sales from the Space Courier Book, I have replaced the name of it.

It is now, “An O’Neal Spy Adventure.”

That is the new cover. I also tweaked the marketing copy, so maybe people will be more interested in it. We shall see.

Now I have to get back to the land of Agersolum. I am working on Felix Book 2.


Missile Attack: O’Neal Spy Adventure Book 1

In times of war, it is often the youth of the age that must step up and fill adult roles…

Des O’Neal is an ordinary boy that lives an ordinary life with his uncle and older brother. He lived in the Jov 1-H Colony Station that orbits the planet Jupiter. In his free time, he explores his neighborhood. He plays sports and does what most boys his age do.

When a turn of events lurk out of nowhere, Des is ejected from his normal life and thrust into a world filled with spies and turmoil. In order to save himself and those closest to him, he must excel in this new world of espionage. He has to overcome his unknown enemy that lurks in the shadows with the intent of sabotage and destruction.

Will Des succeed in defeating the enemy saboteur?

Or will the station be victim in the Missile Attack?

And this book took a long time to get published, but more installments of it are planned in the near future.

The book can be found here.

Missile Attack: O’Neal Spy Adventure Book 1


NaNoWriMo: Update Nov 19, 2017

Well. As of this moment, I am now at 51108 words for NaNoWriMo. But as I have said before, NaNo is worthless to me unless I can get complete projects done.

At the moment I have complete my daughters story, ‘The Adventures of Evana Sweetland.’ And I have finished Book 3 of my sons ‘Space Courier’ story. But my son’s story isn’t finished. It still needs the last book.

Originally we planned to write the story in 5 parts. But as I wrote Book 3, I realized that I had included pieces that I was planning on for book 4. So now, I have gotten rid of book 4, put the parts into either book 3 or book 5 and then called book 5, book 4. Basically, Space Courier is going to be four books.

And I am not done NaNoWriMo. I have ten days to write 22500 to 25000 words for this next book. That means that I must write 2250 to 2500 words per day to complete the book on time. The goal is to have a complete work that I can spend December editing and reworking so that I can have it start being published come January 2018.

So, while others are hanging up there hats and calling it done, I am still plugging away. I am not done yet. Not even close.

NaNo Update Nov 11, 2017

So this year has gone off with a bang.

First I’d like to apologize for the lack of blog posts. I have been distracted by NaNo. It happens. For the first bit, I was writing 3k to 4k words a day. I was on track with my double NaNo goals. Then life happens.

And it happens. One day you are going strong, then the next you have fallen behind. All you can do is to try and catch up when you can. We had ordered some Ikea beds for the kids, and it took 3 hours to build them. Each.

Plus I had to go through my storage bin and find some boxes. It’s all delays. Ie. Life.

And it happens. It is not a bad thing. Cause life does that. No need to get anxious or frustrated by it. And if it weren’t NaNo, there would be no need to try and catch up. It is best not to. It is best not to be stressed by something that is outside of your control. It happens.

My NaNo, it is Nov 11, 2017, and I am at 28k words. I am supposed to be at 36k words by today. But that is only cause I am crazy and I am doing a double NaNo. Typically, I would have to have written 18K words.

So, that means I am a touch behind, but still going strong. I have also finished the first draft of the Evana Story. It is done. Time to move on to Book 3 of my Space Courier story.

Wish me luck.

Until next time.

It’s a good start…

Well. NaNo is upon us, and that small statement has reminded me of a little meme. DL90B8uX0AAY__R.jpg

Well, I am not sure that is a meme, but a twitter post. But no matter. This is very true.

For those that don’t know, Inktober is when the artist draws a new ink drawing each day for a month. The picture can be as complicated as they want. That means that Inktober can be quiet easy. For those that can draw at least.

NaNo, however, is fifty thousand words in thirty days. That is huge. That can be challenging for some people.

Me, I have gotten off to a good start. It is the end of Day 2, and I am supposed to be at 3333 words. I am at 8000 words.

How am I doing that you ask? Well, I am glad that you did. First is that I type fast. I don’t type properly, but I do my own version of a chicken peek that seems to work for me. And I have started getting up at 5am.

That means that I have close to three hours before I must leave the house to go to work. That is a lot of words each day.

But that is what it takes to do either challenge. Take or make a piece of your day separate for your craft. And then protect it. I get up at 5am to do just that. And so far, no one is crazy enough to get up at that ungodly hour to challenge it.

So until something changes, I may be able to get my double NaNo goal done on time. But it is still too early to tell.

Anyways, I am off to bed. 5 am comes fast. Until next time.


It is currently 9:30pm on Oct 31, 2017. In no time at all, I will be starting the chaos of November. But I am crazy, and I don’t plan on doing a simple NaNo month. I want to try and to do a double NaNo. That means 100k words. In a month.

Why do I do this to myself? Am I truly crazy? Don’t answer that.

I am writing eight children stories. First up are the five early chapter books that I am writing with my daughter. It is about Evana Sweetland. A seven-year-old who must collect scattered gems around the area. Why would a seven-year-old do this? I don’t know. It is a kids book.

Luckily each book is only 5k words each. I don’t know if that will make it easier or not, but here’s to hope.

After I am done those five books, the plan is to write the remaining 3 middle-grade books that I am writing with my son. The story is about Des O’Neal. A thirteen-year-old boy who must save the space station colony from saboteurs. The station orbits Jupiter. That is 25k words each.

Now I know what you are thinking. Writing that many words each day with kids dictating it? No, It is not being written that way. The plan is for me to put it in prose, but the kids and I have put together outlines for me to work off of.

That’s the plan. 100k words in 30 days. That is 3333 words a day. As I have said before, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.”

So I may not be posting as much as I have been in the last week or so, but I will not get to the point where I was in the six months before. I will post about once a week, maybe little updates on how I am progressing. We will see what it brings.

Until next time.