My Weight. An Update.

As I have mentioned a few times before, my weight is an issue for me. The bonus goal I made at the start of the year was to lose 20 pounds. I recorded my weight as 277lbs. My weight today is 255lbs. That means I have lost 20 lbs. I succeeded in my goal—hurrah for me.

The goal was reached by controlling my diet and using intermediate fasting. It allowed me to lose weight with little effort.

I will be correcting and adding to my goal. No sense waiting around for me to get fatter. I have also flatlined. Plateaued. I am not losing any more weight. This means I will have to change my habits. Taking up some more exercise will be beneficial. With the COVID lockdown and shortages throughout, I have ordered a pair of sneakers online. They are stuck in Montreal for some reason. Once I get that, some jogging is in my future.

I am not a fan of gyms. I have had a few gym memberships in the past and have always ended with spending more money than it was worth. The deals tie you into a set membership. Or if there is no contract, then the price is expensive. Plus, they are always far away from where I live, and I hate having to fight through traffic to get to the gym.

Running seems like it is a decent solution. I used to run in high school. It is something I want to start again. Maybe do a marathon once I get to that level, and they allow marathons. If they enable marathons.

I recognize that I need to change my lifestyle. It consists of me sitting at my desk, working for twelve to fourteen hours a day. I need to move more and be more active. It is a habit I need to pick up, I need to figure out how to do this while still getting my work done.

This journey is not something I can do alone. It takes support from many people for it to become a reality. The easiest way is to visit my Amazon Author Page and purchase one of my books. They are available in all countries and for free in Kindle Unlimited. I do have a tip jar set up at Ko-Fe, where you can buy me a coffee. Or you can also visit me on Facebook. Your help and support are much appreciated.