Being a Creative and Giving up the Ghost

Once I finish my writing for the day, I will have written for over 90 days in a row. To me, this is a fantastic accomplishment. I have never lasted this long before giving up and washing my hands of it all. Before, depression, exhaustion, and real distractions would have caused me to give up.

Yet I feel tired, exhausted from all of the work I have done so far. I want to call it good, do nothing and play video games. Part of me wants to give it up. 90 days in a row is good, right?

However, this isn’t the time to give up. This is the time to push and get it done. Why not double the number? Why not write for 180 days?

I can name a dozen different reasons why that idea is a bad idea. It took hours per day to get the work done, it was taxing to the brain, the sun is in my eyes, and the wind in my face.

In other words, they are excuses. When times get tough, it is not time to give up. It is time to buckle down and get the work done. The work isn’t going to do itself, and there is the end goal. The prize at the end of the tunnel. There is no way you are going to get the rewards if you don’t try.

Burn Out

There is always a risk of burn out, of doing so much so quickly that you shut down. I do have a theory about burn out. It is when you do too much too soon over too long a stretch, and you aren’t used to it. Like someone going from a couch potato to working out two hours a day. There are bound to be consequences.

I may be wrong. However, the way to stop burn out from happening is to work yourself up in terms of productivity and to make sure you give yourself time to play.

If your work is taking so long that you have no time for yourself, then you are headed for burn out.

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