Let’s Play

On top of the writing that I am always doing, I am a bit of a gamer. I have approx. 100 games on my steam account. It is an addiction that I have.

Not a real bad, must go into rehab problem, just a problem with time management and the ole wallet.

One of the ways that it has hurt me is that I will buy bad games. I have a bunch that I have purchased that basically suck. The games aren’t that expensive on the most part, but it still hurts the wallet.

To combat this, I have found a wonderful thing. Well… Wonderful and evil.

Let’s play videos on Youtube.

A ‘Let’s Play’ video is a video of someone playing a video game. It sounds really dorky, I know. But bare with me.

The video shows someone playing a game. Let’s say that it is a game the you are interested in buying. The reviews are good and it sounds interesting. But it is 39.99. What do you do?

The ‘Let’s Play’ video shows the in game action that is not filtered or changed by the producer. There is no worry that the footage is edited to show the game in a better light than it is. These Youtubers show the game warts and all.

For example. I am a fan of the Sim’s game. A real dorky game. But it is interesting to me in various ways and reasons which I won’t get into here.

So I watched a Youtuber play the latest version of the game. While there are some features to the game that I like, there are some that I find appalling. Like having a repair man not leaving your house and standing around. Or going on a date with someone to have everyone and there dog come bug you at your romantic table. Or the times where the gamers has told the character to do something and the character not being responsive.

Are these bad issues that break the game? Not completely. But…

But the game has been out since Sept 2014. It has had 14 DLC content added to the game. There shouldn’t be any of these issues with the game. It should have been fixed. But it hasn’t. And the price hasn’t gone down at all. It’s getting close to 200 bucks for all of the DLC content and the game.

I have watched other ‘Lets Play’ for other games that are that old with just as much DLC added to them. They early versions of the games had issues to them that became apparent in some of the gameplay. They were fixed. I saw that they were fixed by watching the gameplay. I bought the games.

So that is why ‘Lets Play’ videos are good thing and evil thing. They show the game warts and all. They allow people like me that love buying and playing new games the chance to watch the gameplay. They also allow you to see other video’s by Youtubers that you might not have seen if you didn’t watch the Youtuber.

Then you buy those games that you like.

Until next time.