The Many Jobs of Nathan Pedde – Film Industry

In the seventeen years since high school (everything sounds horrible when you do the math) I have worked at many jobs. When I graduated, I thought I was going to be the next Steven Spielberg. So I applied to Capilano University (then Capilano College) up here in Hollywood North, I entered their first year Film Program, then the ELTC Lighting Program. I was going to get into the film industry and become a director.

The problem was that I discovered I had an issue working with actors. I couldn’t talk to them, and they pissed me off. Which is why I went into film lighting. I worked as a lighting technician for a few years. You can even find me on IMDB.

I worked on projects like X-Men 3, Battlestar Galatica, the L-Word, and countless others. The glamour of the industry quickly faded into a cold reality.

This was fifteen years ago, and I have been told the industry has changed. Back then, the film industry is not viable employment for those with families. The hours are long with twelves being the standard. The industry also uses an on call system, which makes it hard to have additional employment waiting for the calls. A day on a film set would net me three hundred bucks. But if I only worked two or three times in a month, it was impossible to pay rent to let along being able to have a career.

The union was also designed not to help new members get employment, but to keep the lazy-good-for-nothing-old-timers on easy street. Every third project I got a call on, I saw an old-timer (one with a low number and therefore all the calls) get sent away from a set collecting the minimum time. The scam was that they knew no production liked them, but as they got called when they wanted a job, they went to set. Because they showed up, they got the two-hour minimum. Then they called the office and informed them they were available and went directly to an original set. Rinse and repeat.

For me, it was impossible to get all of my hours to get full membership in the union. After the struggle, I gave up and went to do other things. Film was not and is not for me.

I will talk about the other jobs I have had in the coming weeks. I have many. Perhaps I will even revisit my time in the film industry. I have stories to tell.

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