Storming Area 51: A Bayonet Books Anthology Vol 2

A few short months ago when the Facebook group (with the same name as the title of the anthology) was created, this took the internet by storm and won it. In fact, it is still winning the internet. JR Handley collected tales of the joke that became a meme that became a thing that might be a real thing. 

The story that I wrote is called “The Rise of the Ghids.” It is the story of the Storming of Area 51 from the aliens perspective.

Imprisoned his whole life, Challco knew nothing about the outside world. His world
consisted of his underground home; except it wasn’t really his home. Born underground, his people were from a distant land; several thousand light-years distant. Challco wasn’t human, he was a Ghid — an alien.

With the event of Storm Area 51 exploding on the surface above him, perhaps this was
the distraction that he needed — his one and only chance to get freedom for himself and his people? Perhaps it was the time for Challco to show his human captors the Ghids did exist? But do the humans come in peace?

With 35 different stories from Michael J Allen and Marisa Wolf this is not a book to miss. Some of the best science-fiction the science-fiction has to offer. Click the link below.