Maps. Are they Art?

When I first started my writing journey, I subscribed to J.R.R. Tolkien’s camp of world building. So in my 20s, I created the land of Agersolum. Map, cultures, religions. It is all there. I created 14 cultures, each with a different feel, problems, size and strengths. I created them for internal conflict, external conflict. I was creating a universe that I could write in forever.

As I had mentioned earlier, one of the big aspects of working on a world was the creation of a map. In drawing a map, I used pen and paper. I started with a landmass, then drew in mountains. Naturally, rivers moved from mountains to the sea. With rivers and mountains, I created natinoal borders. Then I placed cities, towns, and forts.

I had created this:

The World that Never was…

Its a chart the size of a poster.

This, however, is too detailed and messy to go into a book. This chart is for me. It is mostly correct. I did make a few changes after the creation of the map. I gave the map and the changes to my wife and she created this.

A publishable version of the world that never was…

And this:

A more detailed version of the desert land of Ta’arqa. The setting of the first three books of the Order of Ghost Saga.

But is this art? I would say my version is not. They are doodles not even a mother could love.

Here are some other map doodles I have made.

A detailed map of a military fantasy I am working on.
Not sure what this is for. Its a doodle.
This is a city I drew. Is this art?

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