Finding old Work

Today was a cleaning day. I have been going through boxes, and I dug up my old writing. After my first stint in college — I went to Film School — I started writing in coil bound notebooks. I have dozens of them scattered everywhere. I have started dozens of ideas off different stories from zombies, to dragons, to science fiction about lost colonies and aliens.

I feel like an old archeologist hunting through old tomes. The faded yellow pages and faded ink speak to me from the past. I found myself looking at a story I had written, and I had no idea when I had written in, and I had to read three pages to see which one it was.

I discovered it was one about a boy who finds a dragon while living on an island. Where I got the idea from, I could only guess. It was a dive into the past.

I also found old versions of some of my other novels. Like one for my book Seismic Shock, when it had the working title of Culture Shock. I was amazed at how I changed the story as I wrote it.

One of the books I have been hunting for is the old notebooks that I had written my world in. I had two, and I only found the one. I am not sure what happened to the first one. I am missing a few nations, which is odd cause it is only three of the thirteen.

It isn’t a horrible thing as I can remember most of the country in my head. I have forgotten some of the details, but I can think up better ones. One of the notebooks I did, I dated the ideas or brain waves.

It is an interesting dive into the mind of a twenty-something who was creating a fantasy world, just like David Eddings.

I have to get back to it, I’d rather find that notebook and see what I had written down all those years ago. I’m curious about how the story has changed.

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