The O’Neal Saboteur: The O’Neal Trilogy Book 1

I have done it. My latest book has been published.

On a Colony orbiting Jupiter, a saboteur is bent on destruction. One young man might be the only person able to save them all. 

Sixteen-year-old Des O’Neal lives with his uncle and older brother in the Colonial Station Jovian 1-H. The threat of constant attacks and the destruction of his home becomes a daily occurrence. Threats he must endure and overcome.

Des finds himself ejected from his normal life and thrust into a world filled with spies and turmoil. In order to save himself and those closest to him, he must excel in a new world of espionage. He must overcome an unknown enemy lurking in the shadows, intent on sabotage and destruction. An enemy that may know who he and who his friends are.

In times of war, it is often the youth that must step up and fill adult roles. Will Des defeat the traitorous saboteur? Or will the station fall victim to his vicious plot?

If you like science fiction stories about espionage, overcoming obstacles, and mysteries. Then you will enjoy the action-packed, race against time novel written by Nathan Pedde.

Grab a copy of “The O’Neal Saboteur” today and get in on the action.