The world has changed. One day I was looking forward to the start of my kid’s spring break with family coming over. I have a month left of my semester at university before I start the summer session.

Now, things are different. The spring break went from two weeks of having my kids in the house to being done until September. Except the school district didn’t say, it’ll be back in September. They said it’s closed until further notice. To me, that means I may be homeschooling the kids for the next few years. If it lasts that long. My kids were disappointed when I told them spring break was over, and I bought them school books. They have been doing schoolwork every day, whether they like it or not.

For me and my schooling, it has all been transferred to online learning. Which is different. Now students all over have to learn the discipline to self-motivate to get their work done. For me, it’s challenging to get the assignments done on time, and I think my self-discipline is higher than most. Not better than most, but it’s high. My wife might say something else about my work habits. She calls me a workaholic perfectionist under my own tyrannical rule.

The amount of stress from the uncertainty is everywhere. I can’t turn on Facebook or Youtube without seeing it. The uncertainty of money, food, etc. is everywhere. Store shelves are bare as people stock up on essentials. The last thing people want to do is to be locked in their homes and starve to death. (I’m not talking about the TP fiasco. I don’t understand that.)

However. All of that is an aside and not what the blog is about. Like many, I have self-isolated into my own house. I have a terrible history with bronchitis, and as this causes breathing issues, I have no interest in getting it.

What to spend my time working on?

For me, the answer is one of three things in no particular order. I help my kids with their schoolwork. Or I do my own school work. Or I write my novels. I am even hoping to read a few books myself.

For you, it might be different. It is something to do with escapism, and I got your escapism right here.

If you are from the United States and not Canada, like I am, Kindle Unlimited has a two-month trial. This is a good deal, and details can be found here.

Once you have the trial, what do you read?

Sleeping Legion Series by J.R. Handley

One of my all-time favorite series filled in intense action and in-depth characters.

Rebyrth by R. Max Tillsley

For those with kids needing distractions, this is a favorite story of my son, who says its a great adventure story about robots, conspiracies, and kids defying all odds.

Cone of Silence by Drue Bernardi

Take all of the disaster books, and the cream of the lot will be this one. Written by a storm chaser, this is about a meteorologist trying to do the right thing.

Demon Scroll by Tim Niederriter

Demon Scroll is an epic sword and sorcery novel where the heroes and monsters may be one and the same.

Jordie in Charge by E. A. Shanniak

For those whose takes aren’t in the standard fantasy and science fiction genres, Shanniak has got you covered. She writes romance novels set in a fantasy world of her own.

Storming Area 51, an anthology.

Thirty-five awesome stories – one kick-ass meme that started it all.
It started as a joke. Storm Area 51 they said. They can’t stop all of us they said. But all laughter stopped when the U.S. Air Force mobilized the reserves and pulled out the big guns.

This is an anthology where you can find my short story, “Rise of the Ghids.” Storming area 51 is all about people to storm the secret base to see the aliens. But what about the aliens? What is their story? That is what I told.

Seismic Shock by Nathan Pedde

This is my own novel. Set in Tokyo, Japan, when Yellowstone supervolcano blows its top. This starts a chain of disasters from earthquakes to tsunamis that shut down nations and society as its currently known.

I hope these suggestions help you to spend your time in isolation.

This journey is not something I can do alone. It takes support from many people for it to become a reality. The easiest way is to visit my Amazon Author Page and purchase one of my books. They are available in all countries and for free on Kindle Unlimited. I do have a tip jar set up at Ko-Fe, where you can buy me a coffee. Or you can also visit me on Facebook. Your help and support are much appreciated.