Fun in the Summer Sun

Up here in Canada, the sun has finally come out cranking the heat up. This makes it muggy in the house with no air conditioning. Lucky for my, I live a short walk to the ocean and a beach. This allows me to spend days sitting on the beach reading a book or swimming. Why spend my time inside my sweltering apartment?

This is the advantage of living on the west coast. I live in the only area of Canada below what I call the frost belt. (North of the frost belt receives a proper winter.) So rainy dreary “winters” and hot long summers. This one has started later than usual.

For someone who spends his time sitting in front of a computer telling stories to himself and writing it down, the human interaction is well needed. Sitting on the beach it is inevitable someone talks and a conversation ensues.

The hot sun is draining and the cooling wind saps the strength. With the threat of spending much of the rest of my day hacking at the word mind, I think it is vital for an introvert to get out.

It is also good for the kids to spend a few hours in the water swimming. They need the excersize and being able to meet other kids.

For me, I need to get back to work.

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