Time. The enemy.

As a writer, I always meet people that will claim to have a desire to write a novel. They usually hold me in awe and say things like, “You’re an author, I wish  I could write a book.” Or “I used to write when I was younger when I had more time. I’ll write later…” Then they’ll give a vague time frame like, “When the kids are in school.” Or “When I retire.”

I say that’s a bunch of hornswaggle.

They act like writing a novel is something that’s hard. It isn’t all about learning something. Like learning how to ride a bike, play music or rocket science. It just takes time and commitment. If someone wants to write a novel, all it takes is being able to carve out a chunk of time each day, every day to be able to write. A half hour. An hour.

There is a time to start to write that book. That time is now. Not later. And if someone has a desire to write, then they need to do it. Don’t put it off till later. Pick up the pen and do it.

The reason to start now is that life is short. Time is the one precious commodity that we spend so much of that we can’t can’t get enough of. I, personally, don’t want to be old and gray and wishing that I had started to write when I was younger. I do wish that I had done things that I know  I will never get to do. Everyone has them. It happens, but doing something as simple as writing a novel isn’t one of them.

It’s like climbing Everest or fighting in the MMA. It’s something to do when you’re young and too stupid to know any better. But if you have a desire to do any of those things, the time is now, not when you are old and gray.

So how do I find the time to write? It is like climbing Everest. You don’t just wake up one day and hop on a plane to go to Mount Everest. It is something that you must commit to. You must train. Practice on smaller, easier peaks before you try Everest.

Writing is the same. You must spend a huge amount of time practicing, sucking before you get any better. You will write a large amount of ugly, gross words before they start to look golden. That is how you do it.

You need to spend the time to get good at it. NASCAR drivers do it. They practice hours on the track. Pilots do it, they must log hundreds of hours to learn how to fly before they can take a plane out by themselves.

It’s the same with writers. You must practice, practice, practice.

So to all those non-authors that wish or desire to sit down and write something. What are you waiting around for? Get that butt in that chair. Turn that computer on, open that notebook and write.

Stop desiring to write. Write.

In the immortal words of Yoda. “Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try. ”

If you want to write. Do it. Take the dive down the rabbit hole. Follow the white rabbit. You may like what you find. You may want to stay in wonderland.

Until next time.