The Adventures of Evana Sweetland

In a land of islands, and ocean. A new danger cascades over the land. A young girl might be the only one able to save them all.

Evana Sweetland is an ordinary girl that likes to walk on the beach. Nothing out of the ordinary ever happens to her. Then Evana picks up a shiny jewel off of the beach. A series of events erupt out of nowhere and flips her comfortable world upside down. Events that must be endured and survived.

Eve pulled from her normal life and thrust into a world of dragons, faeries, magical jewels and hidden powers. Eve must find the shattered pieces of the gem called the Dragon’s Heart. Before the shards can turn more people into monsters and beasts.

If you like fantasy stories about magic, dragons, and magical jewels. Then you will enjoy the action-packed, race against time serial written by the father-daughter team, Nathan, and Audrey Pedde.

Grab a copy of “The Dragon’s Heart” today.