Taking a Rest: Author Style

Some of you may have noticed I missed a week. Yes and no. This is the issue of writing a blog post, thinking I hit the button, not hitting the button, then getting invited to the lake…

This is a make up post. Sorry.

For everyone, taking a break is a vital part of work. Especially for anyone working for themselves. This goes double for creatives. However, what about those crazy among us that write every day without fail?

I still wrote.

I never said I wrote a lot. I managed to write a grand amount on the first, then I went away and wrote my minimum. This is important.

One for disciple. I don’t write because I am motivated to. The only thing I am motivated to do is to eat pork rinds and play video games. (I eat the pork rinds, but not the video games.) I am disciplined. This means I write even when’d rather not.

For those creatives, know this. To get high word count and to be productive is to be disciplined in your efforts. Write because you don’t want to. Write when you want to do nothing at all. There is a hump, a cliff, you must cross. Cross it. Get over it. Once you get to the other side, things become easier.

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